Vixen Tristar TS500 Three Stage Parts Washer Available Now

Equipment Available as Surplus to Requirements of Ongoing Business. The Machine will be Electrically Disconnected, Drained of Fluids and Can be Loaded Free of Charge to Buyer's Transport. Please See the Sale Information Section for Any Additional fees That May Be Applicable Upon Purchasing an Item. NOTE: Vendor to Approve All Closing Bids Prior to Apex Final Invoicing.

Ended: 18th July 2023 14:00
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    Vixen Tristar TS500 Rotary Drum three stage parts washer
    Three stage model includes immersion, wash, and dry stages with additional rinsing and drying stages. The Tristar houses a rotating drum which has an Archemedes continuous screw fitted on the internal wall. This means that as the drum rotat...
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