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Boring Auctions

Boring machines are machine tools designed for duty cutting and their technical characteristics, whether spindle diameter, table carrying capacity or work surface are larger-dimensioned than usual.

What is a borer?

A borer is a cutting tool used in metalworking to create round, cylindrical holes in a workpiece. Borers can be either manual or automated machines that use rotating cutting tools, such as drill bits, to remove material from the workpiece. They are typically used for creating holes that require a high level of accuracy and precision, such as those needed for bearings, shafts, or other mechanical components.

Overall, borers are essential tools in the manufacturing industry, allowing for the precise creation of round, cylindrical holes in a variety of workpieces, and are used extensively in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and machinery manufacturing.

What is different about boring machinery?

Borers come in different types and sizes, depending on the specific application and the size of the workpiece. Some common types of borers include vertical borers, horizontal borers, jig borers, and tunnel borers. They can also vary in terms of their level of automation, ranging from fully manual machines to computer numerical control (CNC) machines that are capable of precise, automated cutting operations.

Choose Apex as your auction partner for industrial boring sales

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Boring Auction FAQs

How can I know what fees will be charged on the boring auction?

On the auction homepage, there is a large blue button labelled 'essential information'. This will usually have the details of any premiums charged to the sale.

I've won a boring auction and paid for my machine, will you help me handle removal?

Per our terms and conditions, Apex Auctions only oversees the machine sale. We do, however promote service providers who will be more than happy to assist.

What is an autobid?

An autobid is a feature used in some online auction websites that allows bidders to set a maximum bid amount they are willing to pay for an item. The website's bidding system then automatically places bids on behalf of the bidder up to their maximum bid amount, in increments that are predefined by the auction rules.

The use of autobids allows bidders to participate in auctions without needing to constantly monitor the auction and manually place bids. It also helps to prevent bid sniping, where a bidder places a last-minute bid to win the auction. However, it is important for bidders to carefully consider their maximum bid amount before using an autobid, as they may end up paying more than they intended if there are multiple bidders with high autobids.