The 4 Best Reasons to Buy your Heavy Equipment at Auction

Leah MooneyCopywriter
3 min read

So many heavy industries are in constant flux at the moment and the leading companies are responding by making their operations as versatile and agile as possible to adapt to shifting demands. This means they need new equipment often. This gets expensive quickly so it’s encouraging to know that buying equipment from auctions is a great middle-ground between buying brand new equipment and buying second-hand equipment directly from the user or a second-hand dealer. Buying industrial equipment at auction has all the following benefits:


Obviously, second-hand equipment is cheaper than new. That’s the main advantage of buying from an auction rather than brand new equipment. Auctions often sell surplus equipment which has worked perfectly throughout its life but is no longer required. The savings, however, are not only in the original purpose price but also in the reduced rate of depreciation. Industrial equipment has the same depreciation problem as vehicles in that it loses a big chunk of its value as soon as it leaves the factory so buying it after it has lost this value means this loss isn’t yours.


Buying second-hand equipment from an unfamiliar seller, especially one in another country, is a risky business and that is also obvious but most auctioneers have standards to adhere to and guarantees in place that mean everything they sell has been thoroughly checked to work exactly as it’s described. With this reassurance, manufacturers can gain access to whole new international markets to buy their equipment from knowing that, no matter which country the equipment comes from, it will do the job they require.


No offence meant to salespeople but sometimes a hard sales pitch can be off-putting and the prospect of going through the whole sales process plus haggling over price if you have a lot to buy can be quite daunting. With an auction, you can bid on whichever items you require without any sales pitch or haggling and absolutely no false promises.


Sourcing individual pieces of equipment can be time-consuming and usually results in only finding the specific thing you were looking for without any alternative options or you will only get the choice offered by a particular manufacturer or distributor. With an auction, you can browse a wide range of options in one place whether it’s online or offline. This gives you the opportunity to see if an older model would do the same job and save you money or a different manufacturer’s machine might do the job more effectively. Buyers with an open mind could find themselves with a whole new range of possibilities for their business. 

This blog post was written by Leah Mooney, a content writer specialising in engineering