Mike Calleja joins Apex Auctions

Eva KubackaContent Marketing Executive
2 min read

Meet Mike Calleja, our newly appointed Head of Digital. A brand new position at Apex Auctions, he is responsible for driving excellence in digital marketing, web, data and analytics.

Mike brings 11 years' experience that spans across a wide range of B2B and B2C sectors including ecommerce, finance, travel, cybersecurity, betting and gaming, consumer electronics, cosmetics and pharmaceutical. He is very focused on employing powerful digital strategies, and has enjoyed success doing this within in-house and agency roles. He has also worked extensively on the ad-tech side, within the marketing attribution, shoppable media, brand analytics and identity resolution spaces.

Outside of digital, Mike is a semi-professional musician (mainly bass guitar), car lover (mainly 60s-80s classics) and distinctly average 6-a-side football player.

Eloise Walker, Commercial Director: "I'm thrilled to have Mike as the latest addition to our team! His background and experience in the digital marketing field are sure to be valuable assets that will contribute significantly to the growth of our global businesses. 

Mike's expertise will play a crucial role in enhancing our marketing strategies, introducing fresh perspectives, and generating innovative ideas. This addition demonstrates a clear commitment to remaining competitive in the digital age and effectively harnessing the power of marketing within the modern business landscape. With Mike on board, our team is well-positioned to achieve new heights of success."

Mike makes a big commitment to achieving success for Apex Auction's clients. If you'd like to find out more about our marketing capabilities, then please call +44(0)1273 224466 or email marketing@apexauctions.com.