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United Kingdom

Ref 62803: AMA Standard LM150 Solvent Degreaser

Modern self contained closed circuit solvent degreaser with inbuilt refrigeration, carbon recovery and distillation units.


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West Midlands
United Kingdom

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The AMA LM 150 is an industrial solvent based closed loop cleaning system with inbuilt refrigeration, carbon recovery and distillation units. The PLC controlled machine is currently configured to operate with Fluorinated solvents but will also operate with a range of brominated and chlorinated solvents.

The multi phase wash system can be configured to operate with a combination of washing actions including immersion with agitation and rotation in both hot and cold solvent as well as vapour phase cleaning and drying. .

Each process stage has fully adjustable timers making the system adaptable for a wide range of components and basket loadings.
The on board distillation plant will recycle the solvent as part of the normal cleaning process both removing any contaminants and maintaining the solvent in an optimum state.

External Dimensions - 950 x 2000 x 2460mm h

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